Ordene Design for alle i blåt samt logoet for KADK i hvidt på brun baggrund


Universal Design in new podcast

Everyone will experience changing needs and demands of their surroundings at some point in their life. Universal design breaks with the notion that users with special needs must have separate solutions. Instead, the value-based design concept aims to create solutions that, as a starting point, works for all people despite different abilities. The goal is for everyone to be able to participate and for no one to be left behind.

A goal that is also reflected in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the recurring pledge to ”Leave No One Behind”.

This podcast with Camilla Ryhl, Research Director at Bevica Fonden, dives into the concepts and cases of Universal Design and was recorded at the 2022 annual congress for Nordiske Synskonsulenter.

Listen to the podcast episode here: Blind lyd – Podcasts fra IBOS: 1. Nordisk kongres i Synspædagogik: Universelt design