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Universal Design Hub disseminates knowledge about Universal Design as well as the relationship between Universal Design, the Sustainable Development Goals agenda “Leave No One Behind” and a change in our view of humanity.

Universal Design Hub facilitates the Bevica Foundation Interdisciplinary research network and supports the members by making their voices heard in public debate, disseminate research in new forums and serve as ambassadors for the network as well as the “Leave No One Behind” agenda

We welcome collaborations on articles, opinion pieces or interviews, and we are happy to arrange contact with the network’s researchers and other international subject-matter experts.

Universal Design Hub is involved in public debates through keynotes, presentations or workshops at professional conferences and seminars, lectures for students, etc. We are able to provide our own staff for such events or put you in touch with other relevant experts who can help.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – even if we are unable to assist you, we know someone who can.

Personalefoto af Camilla Ryhl

Camilla Ryhl
Research Director

Architect maa, ph.d.

Coordinator for the Nordic Network for Architectural Research in Universal Design.

Member of the steering group for the Move Green project, University of Copenhagen.

Member of the follow-up group for the project Socio-economic analyzes of built environments according to universal design, VIVE.

Member of the Union of International Architects (UIA) Universal Design Working Group.

Personalefoto af René Sørensen Overby

René Sørensen Overby
Project Developer
Phone: 22 58 26 48

Architect maa, cand.arch.

Personalefoto af Marie Engberg Eiriksson

Marie Engberg Eiriksson
Communications and Project Developer
Phone: 60 15 54 56